Saturday 25th January 2020 - 06:00 UTC, until Sunday 26th January 2020, 12:00 UTC



To promote / encourage the use of AM on the 160, 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 metre amateur bands. This is not a 5/9 contest and aim to encourage QSOs and conversation, however points can be gained and certificates awarded.



1 point for each station worked on a specific band. If you work the same station on more than one band, you get a point for each contact.

10 points for each new DXCC worked.



You can enter different categories based on the output power you used.     


            The power levels described are the unmodulated carrier

1)      2.5 watts QRP (suitable for UK Foundation licence holder)

2)      12.5 watts        (suitable for the UK Intemediate licence)

3)      12.5 – 100 watts (suitable for the UK Full Licence)

4)      The legal power limit in your home country


For example using an Elecraft KX3 with a carrier of 2.5 Watts = category 1


Using a FTDX101D and linear amplifier for a 100 Watt carrier = category 3


The organisers have decided  to create operating windows for this even and a few Spot Frequencies which fall outside of these windows, but are popular in various parts of Europe. The purpose of these windows is to help people find one another, plus to avoid spreading across the whole of a band and making life too difficult to other users.

160m 1.900 - 2 MHz (1.850 spot frequency)

80m 3.600 - 3.700 MHz (3.705 spot frequency)

40m 7.170 - 7.199 MHz and (7.143 spot frequency)

20m 14.250 - 14.350 MHz

15m 21.350 - 21.450 MHz

10m 29.000 - 29.1000 MHz

QSOs outside these windows and spot frequencies will not count towards scores in the event.

Self Spotting on a Cluster


As this is not a contest, but an operating event, the use of an online cluster for self spotting is perfectly acceptable. Let everyone know where you are!


            Please use the log sheet and complete the submission document found in the Documents section

            After the event, please submit your log and submission document by Saturday 15th February 2020.


There will be a certificate awarded to the leading station in each power category and all entrants will receive a participation certificate by email.


You can join the fun without submitting a log, but to gain a certificate of participation a log will be required.

                                                            GOOD LUCK

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